Saturday, 1 December 2012

Harvest Moon 3D Characters

  • The Hero/ine - The main character is customizable - though the default name for the boy is Harry and the girl's is Rachel. The boy is determined and inquisitive, while the girl is lively, bright and gentle.
  • Camellia - Charles's wife, Camellia helps her husband run the agency. She's extremely hard-working, but loves her family too.
  • Charles - The owner of the Travel Agency. He is married to Camellia, and has a daughter who is called Hina. He is a family man and came to the village because he thought it would be best for his young daughter.
  • Clement - A chef who owns the local restaurant where Felicity works. He's a good cook, but he often overcooks food, but he'd rather eat stuff than throw it out, which has led to him getting fat. He likes fish.
  • Dunhill - Is the Mayor of Echo Village and he also delivers your newspaper until Tina moves in. He likes wine.
  • Emma - Yuri's mother, a warm-hearted, laid-back woman who takes care of shipping produce. She's very hard working.
  • Hana - A kind-looking old lady, the wife of Kosaburo. She owns the General Store.
  • Hina - The daughter of Charles and Camellia. A girl with a lot of energy, she holds her parents in high esteem and also loves to make people happy.
  • Hossan - An innkeeper who dreams of being a novelist, he is a happy-go-lucky guy. His son is? Niko.
  • Klaus - The doctor, a perfectionist that comes across as strict and hard-hearted but he generally cares for his patients.
  • Kosaburo - A man who easily gets angry, but he is actually a good person. An amazing fisherman and the husband of Hana, he sets a shop up in the village when he first moves in. When left alone with a girl, he panics.
  • Niko - Toni's best friend and Hossan's son, a kid that acts much like his dad. A big eater.
  • Olivia - A slender, exotic woman with long lilac hair. She dresses scrumptiously and talks with the aire of a queen, but hardly ever talks about herself. She owns a tea house.
  • Rebecca - A sculptor, Rebecca likes recycling and materials, but hates herbs. Toni is her son.
  • Sandra - A witch with an old, slightly ugly appearance. This old lady runs a swap-shop in order to get research materials. Her research is what she likes to boast about!
  • Toni - Rebecca's young son, a mischevious little prankster who likes bugs and pudding. 

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